Cowboy Up Trail

Highlands Point Trail System - Cowboy Up Trail
Cowboy Up trail looking south on August 19, 2010.  Devil's Head can be seen to the left, and the very faint outline of Pikes Peak straight ahead.
Devil's Head View from Cowboy Up
Cowboy Up looking south at Devil's Head
Cowboy Up Trail Heading South
Cowboy Up trail looking south on August 19, 2010
Cowboy Up Trail With Cows To The Left South of Tenderfoot
Cowboy Up and Cows.  Large portions of the HRCA Backcountry are still used cattle grazing, retaining the Ranch in Highlands Ranch
Cowboy Up Intersection with Longhorn Ledge
The intersection of Cowboy Up and Longhorn Ledge photographed on August 19, 2010

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Cowboy Up is a fairly flat trail, traversing the west side of the Highlands Point mesa. Like all trails within the HRCA Highlands Ranch backcountry, access is limited to Highlands Ranch residents. It connects the Douglas County East-West Trail with Longhorn Ledge.