Chislom Trail Ski Run
Chislom Trail starts as a small, easy catwalk traversing through TB glade.
Arapahoe Basin Chislom Trail
Chislom Trail eventually joins up with Wrangler
Chislom Trail Ski Run
Chislom Trail is wide and moderately sloped
Chislom Trail Photo
Chislom Trail is a great run for beginners

Chislom Trail is an Beginner Run on the lower part of A-Basin. It's one of Arapahoe Basin's easier runs and it's well suited to beginners who would be overly challenged by much of the above treeline, high altitude Colorado skiing at Arapahoe.

Chislom Trail begins with a left turn off Wranglerjust to the east of the top of the BMX chairlift, then runs left to Sundance the right to TB Glades and then ends by merging with Wrangler again in the northeastern corner of A-Basin.

Chislom Trail ski run is served by the Black Mountain Express (BMX) chairlift, which replaced the venerable Exhibition lift in 2010.