Slalom Slope Ski Trail
Slalom Slope Ski Fail

Slalom Slope is an Advanced Ski Run at Arapahoe Basin, located to the east of the Pali lift. From the bottom of Slalom Slope, riders can choose to circle back west towards the base of Pali, utilizing a run such as Standard, stop at the midway restaurant, load on Lenawee, or take any of the runs served by the Exhibition Lift to the bottom.

Because it faces the morning sun directly, Slalom Slope is a good choice for morning skiing on the great spring skiing days that made A-Basin famous. The overnight ice will turn to corn faster on Slalom Slope than almost any other ski trail at A-Basin. However, on a really warm day, Slalom Slope can be sloppy in the afternoon.

There's a general Arapahoe Basin front side principle working here: Start on east facing runs, move to north facing runs, and finally to west facing runs. You'll keep the corn depth ideal.

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