Karl Entering Four Headwall:
Karl Kelman skis into Four Headwall on March 6, 2010
Karl Skiing In Four Headwall:
Karl skiing in Four Headwall on March 6, 2010
Four Headwall from Chairlift Nine:
Four Headwall
Four Headwall in April 2009:
Four Headwall
Four Headwall in April 2012:
Four Headwall, Spring 2012

The Four Headwall is a very short, steep ski run that is generally accessed from Chair Nine, although you can get there by taking a high traverse from Chairlift Four.

Four Headwall is between Our Bowl and Rookie Road. It's below Patrol Bowl and above Creek Trail.

Usually, you need to pick your way through some exposed rocks at the entrance to Four Headwall. Depending on the amount of snow during the year, Four Headwall may have some rocks as well, or, on a good snow year, it may be all snow.

Four Headwall is very short Some expert skiers simply schuss the entire steep section leading into Creek Trail.

4 Headwall is slide-prone, because it's east face is susceptable to wind-loading, and the long flat section to the west of Four Headwall frequent loses much of it's snow to 4 Headwall's cornice. Only ski when open!

The Four Headwall cornice offers a number of jumping opportunities - you can often choose the amount of air (from zero to big) you'd like by adjusting your launch point and speed. Your skills, for better or worse, will be on display for the passengers on Chairlift Nine.