North Chutes Willows:
Looking down North Chutes throught the willows
Looking up North Chutes:
Looking up North Chutes
North Chutes on a Bluebird Day:
Looking up North Chutes again
Willows in North Chutes:
More North Chutes willows
Looking Down North Chutes at Chairlift Nine:
Trying to figure out how to dodge the North Chutes willows

North Chutes is a short intermediate run leading to Creek Trail. Facing south, it catches the full afternoon sun, and the snow here ages more rapidly that most other places at Loveland Basin. Sun-crust conditions can occur on North Chutes even during the winter, a real rarity at Loveland's high elevation. A plus of this south exposure, however, is that it will soften faster than other areas during spring skiing.

Except during exceptionally deep snow years, a few scrub willows poke throught the snow in various spots on North Chutes