Primer Bowl:
Primer Bowl

Primer Bowl is a short, open run located just to the south of Lift 9 between Patrol Bowl and Castle Rock. Snow depth is generally excellent on this run, particularly towards the top, because of wind-drifted powder from the other side of the divide. The short run can be substantially steeper on a good snow year because the drifted snow near the top projects away from the underlying terrain.

Snow quality in Primer Bowl is commonly good. It's high up (top is around 12,700 feet), shaded from the afternoon sun, and refreshed by frequent wind drift. However, as in many areas of the Ridge at Loveland, sastrugi or breakable windcrust can set in on occasion. In the event the wind as reduced snow quality, careful observation of the snow from the chairlift can often lead to intelligent route selection. On many occasions in Primer Bowl, there are areas of good snow, even if the bowl is generally windpacked.

Primer Bowl is just south of Lift 9, and it's a logical choice for an early morning run. It can get tracked out fairly quickly because it does not require a hike. However, you'll probably be getting fresh tracks in Wild Child or Field of Dreams at noon, so save those ski runs for later.

Primer Bowl empties out into the open spaces of Our Bowl.

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