Karl Kelman's Tracks in West Tickler:
Karl Kelman's Tracks in West Tickler April 29, 2009

Tickler is a short, steep-in-sections run located between Lift 4 and Lift 8. You must hike to get to the top of Tickler.

The common Tickler route to Tickler is Lift 9, then hiking north along the Ridge. Hike uphill to the top of The Field of Dreams. Ski The Field of Dreams, staying to the skier's right. You can then ski along the top of the Tickler Ridge, turning right for West Tickler (dropping into the Lift 4 Basin) or left for East Tickler (dropping into the Lift 8 Basin - you'll generally wind up on or crossing Zippity Split, or, if take one of the most northerly descents on the east side of Tickler, and stay skier's left, Awesome).

A less common route to Tickler is simply to hike uphill from the Zippity Split catwalk near the south end of the Tickler Ridge. Many years ago, I hiked to the top of the Tickler Ski Run directly from the top of Lift 8. I believe that was before the installation of Chairlift 9, and that route doesn't have packed steps like it did in the 1980s.

The east side of the Tickler Ski Run just above the Zippity Split catwalk often has a few good, steep, wind-loaded powder turns.