Avalanche Bowl From The Top:
Avalanche Bowl From The Top on April 27, 2009.  Notice that if you go hard skier's right towards the bottom of this picture, there's a powder turn or two that other skiers have missed.
Avalanche Bowl Skier's Left:
Avalanche Bowl Skier's Left Top on April 27, 2009.  Note that there are a couple of good powder turns to the skier's right.  At the top of the picture, you can see lower portions of Face and East Ropes on the other side of I-70.

Avalanche Bowl is a steep, short run just to the east of Chair One. It's somewhat exposed to the wind, and the ground beneath it is fairly rocky, so it requires a reasonable amount of snow to get it open. When it is open, however, it's a great run. The best and deepest snow is generally to the skier's left (west). Take care to look for rocks far skier's right if it's full open. It's a boulder field under the far right side of A-bowl and it takes a fair bit of sticky snow to cover it up and not get blown off. I've gotten more than a few good powder turns skier's right however - fear of rocks and the unknown keeps it less skied.

From the bottom of Avalanche Bowl, you can go right into Zoom (or keep going right to lower Over The Rainbow), or left into Avalanche Bowl (or keep going left to lower Cat's Meow).

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