Busy Gully Run at Loveland From Chairlift:
Busy Gully at Loveland from Chairlift on April 22, 2009
Busy Gully from the Bottom:
Busy Gully from the bottom on April 27, 2009 - Loveland Basin Ski Area

Busy Gully is an expert ski run underneath the lower portions of Chair One. As the name implies, Busy Gully is a Gully that's sort of a steep natural half-pipe. However, it's never groomed, and generally the sides are not steep as a half-pipe. You can access Busy Gully from several expert runs above, including Avalanche Bowl, Tiger's Tail, Chair One Lift Line, and Busy Gully. The bottom of Busy Gully empties in the lowest portion of Zoom.

On the west side of Busy Gully, Just below the intersection with Cat's Meow, there's drop off over some rocks into the gully that's an interesting challenge. It's in very plain view of the spectators on Chair One, so jumpers will be a hero or a laughing stock. The entire length of Busy Gully is visible from Chair One.

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