Karl On Catwalk
Karl Cruising Down Catwalk on November 9, 2009
Karl At the Top of Catwalk With The North Ridge Behind
Karl at the top of Catwalk - North Ridge including ski runs Super Nova, Velvet Hammer, Field of Dreams, Marmot, and 13010 is behind.
Lower Catwalk Trail in Spring
Catwalk Ski Run

Catwalk is the easiest way down from the top of Chair One . It also provides access to Catwalk Trees, Upper Richards, Mambo, and Tempest. As the name implies, it is a "cat walk" or road for snow cats. It, along with it's beginner companion, Mambo, are generally the first runs to open in October.

There's nothing really too noteworthy about Catwalk - it's primarily a way to get from point A to point B, and the easiest way for beginning skiers and snowboarders to get down from the top of Lift One to Mambo. But, you can often enjoy lift-served skiing in mid-October on Catwalk!

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Skiing is an inherently dangerous sport, even on a run like Catwalk, and you could get hurt. Be careful. Look at the official Loveland Trail Map, follow ski patrol instructions, and observe all roped off and closed areas at Loveland Basin. Be safe out there!