Approaching Busy Gully on Lift One:
Chairlift One Approaching Busy Gully at the top of Holy Cat on a pleasant spring day
Almost to Tiger's Tail on Lift One:
Chairlift One Nearing the Intersection Tiger's Tail and the Lift Line Run
Looking Back Down Holy Cat:
Looking back down Holy Cat and the Base Lodge from Lift One towards the base area and the parking lot
Lift One Terrain from Wild Child:
Western Lift One Runs Including Catwalk, Catwalk Trees, Excelleration, Mambo, Richard's, Spillway, and Tempest as viewed from the top of Wild Child

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Chairlift One, like Pally at A-Basin, is one of the great classic lifts of Colorado skiing. There's a wonderful diversity of terrain that can be accessed from this quick and direct ride up the south side of Loveland Basin. To the extreme skier's right, there's the exposed steeps of Over The Rainbow, and to the extreme skiers left, there's the tree-nestled powder of western Catwalk Trees. In the middle, there's a pleasant beginner run, Mambo, some fun intermediate bump runs (Upper Richards to Nix Nox), and there's even a terrain park.

Because it's a lift that runs straight up steep terrain, it's almost always my first choice in the morning at Loveland. Even if my ultimate goal is,say, Chair 9, Chairlift One will provide a good little warm up run on the the way to a lift that enables me to get to the base of Chairlift Nine (Two Reload, Poma, or 4).

Snow quality is generally pretty good in the Lift 1 area. There's a high ridge in the out-of-bounds terrain to the south of Lift One that protects it from getting too much sun and crusting up. As a rule, the further west you go in the Chair One area, the better the snow. Some of the higher terrain to the east can be blown clear.

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