Bucksnort Trail

Bucksnort Trail
Bucksnort Trail
Mount Evans from the Bucksnort Trail
Mt. Evans viewed from Bucksnort
Intersection of the Bucksnort Trail and the Douglas County E-W Trail
Plateau Junction of Bucksnort and the East-West trail
Clouds on the Bucksnort Trail
Clouds from the Bucksnort Trail in The Highlands Ranch Backcountry
Bucksnort Trail - Looking Towards Tech Center
Tech Center from the top of Bucksnort
Bucksnort Trail - Looking Towards Chatfield
Chatfield At Sunset from the top of Bucksnort
Bucksnort in Winter

The Bucksnort trail is located in the Highland Point Trail System and is operated by the Highlands Ranch Community Association. Bucksnort is a short trail that connects the Douglas County East-West Trail (at the top) with Longhorn Ledge (at the bottom). There are good views of the mountains to the west from the Bucksnort Trail.