Kensho Superchair Sunset:
Breckenridge Flowers:
Breckenridge Summer Flowers:
Breckenridge Summer Flowers:
Hoosier Pass View:
Fox Hunting for a New Car Beneath Beaver Run Superchair
Fox and Remote Controlled Car

This young fox needed new transportation and was hunting for a new radio controlled car near the bottom of the Beaver Run SuperChair. This zero emissions vehicle offered good off-road capability, but poor leg room for the prospective buyer.

For Very Small Cars, Predators Are More Hazardous than Speed Bumps:
Fox and Car
Quandary Mountain Goat
Mountain Goat

Really big goat! Just before I took these pictures, the goat woke Chris up while she was napping in our car while I took a short hike. It walked right up to the car and seemed to be nosing around interesting in sniffing inside the car. Chris rolled up the window before it could get inside. Goats aren't generally dangerous (however, as a word of caution, some report they don't like dogs, and Nannies with Kids, or big Billies, may head straight for you if you have a dog. Rutting season in late September is another good reason to steer clear of Billies), but this one was so big and powerful looking it was a little spooky taking pictures on steep, rocky ground.

Yellow Columbine
Yellow Columbine
Marmot on Quandary Peak's South Side
Goat on the Ridge
Ground Squirrel
Ground Squirrel
Sunrise from the Hotel