Carvin Marvin in First Notch
First Notch Map
First Notch on a Sunny May 18th at Arapahoe Basin.
First Notch After it Widens
Lower First Notch.
Karl Skis First Notch
Approaching the Narrows on First Notch.
Karl Picking His Way Through the Rocks on First Notch
Karl in Rock Alert Defensive Mode in First Notch.
Entrance to First Notch on May 2, 2010:
It's really not that bad after you start skiing it, but the entrance is a little bit intimidating.
Still More First Notch
The Lower Part of First Notch Allows Less Defensive Skiing.
First Notch Trail Map from a Different Angle Early Season
This Perspective Exaggerates the Steepness so I Don't Have to!

First Notch is a experts-only ski run at Arapahoe Basin located on the East Wall. It's the first in-bounds descent from the East Wall Hike. The entrance is commonly rocky, and the narrow and steep nature of the chute make dodging the rocks a challenging task (base repair better than medical care!). According to 3-D Ski Maps, the upper sections are steep - about 40 degrees. It's probably not the run that you want to take your brand-new skis on...

First Notch is located between North Pole (well, technically, Narrow North Pole) and the East Wall Gates. It's the first run along the uphill hike on A-Basin's East Wall. First Notch ends as you cross the East Wall traverse and enter The Land of Giants. You'll wind up back at the bottom of the Lenawee lift.

Like many of the runs on the A-Basin East Wall, First Notch is narrow and challenging at the top, and widens as you go lower in the run. However, a tall and prominent pair of rock outcroppings choking the ski trail about halfway down provide an intimidation factor - there's the perception that you'll pinball off them in your slide if you fall anywhere above them.

"Chill sweat glides down my back,
I shake, I turn greener than grass.
I am neither living nor dead and cry
From the narrow between."

-Paris Hilton

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