The Pond or Lake Reveal
Pond Picture - Lake Reveal from Above
Rider successfully skimming Lake Reveal
Pond Skimming Picture - Skier exits the water at A-Basin's Lake Reveal
A-Basin's Lake Reveal - Skier in Mid-Pond

The pond is water hazard just west of the Lenawee Lift. Lake Reveal (named for an incident in which a woman's clothes became more revealing after she failed to skim the entire pond and sank) forms seasonally at Arapahoe Basin. June 1st might be an average date for it's first formation.

Successfully skimming Lake Reveal can be a risky undertaking on weekends. The trails surrounding it (Dercum's Gulch, Lenawee Face, Humbug are busy (by the time Lake Reveal forms, much of the mountain is closed due to the danger of wet snow avalanches. Since A-Basin suffered an extremely rare inbounds wet snow fatality on David's Run in 2005, they've been really cautious about wet spring slides) and it requires a significant amount of speed through a crowd to successfully skim to the other side.

Pond skimming Lake Reveal, or spectating as others skim, is a good diversion on a June day when much of Arapahoe Basin is closed.