Sunburst Bowl | Tundra Willows and Krummholz
Small Rock outcropping in Sunburst Bowl
Sunburst Bowl | Looking Down Towards Loveland Valley
Looking Down and east in Sunburst Bowl.  Loveland Valley is in the background.
Sunburst Bowl | Edgeable Wind Pack is Common
Sunburst Bowl with Loveland Valley and Loveland Pass in the background.
Sunburst Bowl | Looking Down Towards the Loveland Base
Looking north down Sunburst Bowl at Chair Four and Chair One terrain in the background.

Sunburst Bowl is a short, windswept, ski run through the tundra to the the east of the upper portions of Chairlift Four. Low lying rock outcroppings and scrub brush add variety to the run, but the generally don't make for tight spaces, or difficult skiing. Despite it's above treeline (except for a little bit of Krummholz - low, wind twisted trees) location, Sunburst Bowl doesn't tend to turn into one big sastrugi field, unlike the upper portions of Mercury which lie to the west of Sunburst Bowl. Snow quality is generally pretty good here - that "unbreakable hollow, packed edgeable" feeling that I generally associate with steeper slopes is the typical snow texture in Sunburst Bowl.

Sunburst Bowl is a wide open area, and it's easy to go fast here - there's generally enough small trees, exposed rock areas and other non-white visual aids to provide a sense of direction and avoid the vertigo sensations that can occur with a huge bowl of pure snow in flat light.

At the bottom of Sunburst Bowl, you can continue into the somewhat steeper Sunburst Chutes, take the Zip Trail to the Chair Eight area, or take the Zippity Split Trail back to a gentler route to the bottom via the Fail-Safe trail , or other Chair Four terrain.