Afternoon Sun on Castle Rock:
Castle Rock Ski Patrol Sweep at Loveland.  Getting the camera low to the snow when you take the photo makes this relatively small ski run seem infinite.
Sastrugi on Castle Rock:
Looking down across the sastrugi of the Castle Rock Run at Chairlift 9 and the Four Headwall Area of Loveland.
Castle Rock - Between the Rock Outcroppings:
The rock outcroppings mark the boundaries of the Castle Rock ski run.
Castle Rock Wind Scour Near Bottom:
Sun and Wind cause a few rocks to poke out towards the bottom of Castle Rock.

Castle Rock is an advanced ski run on the south side of The Ridge at Loveland Basin. Snow conditions on Castle Rock can vary; it's somewhat wind exposed, and can develop some wind crust on occasion. However, Castle Rock is a slight gully, so on other occasions, the ski run can benefit from drifted in snow.

Castle Rock has a moderate pitch, and can be skied at higher speeds when snow conditions are good.

The Castle Rock ski run requires minimal hiking. If you maintain maximum speed on the downhill portion of the catwalk running south along the top of the Ridge, you'll be able to get there with a few skating steps and a lower traverse on the east side of the Ridge. It's easy!

The Castle Rock ski trail is between Jelly Roll and Primer Bowl. It empties into the broad, relatively flat space above Fire Bowl and Our Bowl.

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