Karl's Tracks in Spring Slush on Field of Dreams Ski Run, April 29, 2009:
Softstrugi (Partially Sun-Melted Sastrugi) in The Field of Dreams in Late April.  The pink tint to the snow is real - it's snow-loving algae (Chamydomonas nivalis), soil bacteria, or snow mold fungi that inhabits spring and summer snow.
Looking Down at Field of Dreams on April 29, 2009:
Looking down on the Field of Dreams from the North Ridge off Chair Nine.  The top of Lift Eight can be seen almost one thousand vertical feet below.  Skiers below on the top of Tickler provide some sense of the vast open space in Field of Dreams.
Looking Down at Field of Dreams on April 29, 2009:
Fast Moving Clouds make moving shadows on the Field of Dreams.  Yeah, I know, this should be a video...
Softstrugi on The Field of Dreams in Spring 2009:
Yet another Softstrugi Pic taken at Loveland Ski Area in the Field of Dreams.
Same Softstrugi, Different Angle:
Yet Another Softstrugi Pic.  How many photos of spring sastrugi at Loveland do we need?
Karl's Faint Tracks in The Softstrugi:
You don't sink that deep into Sastrugi, so the tracks are harder to see.

More Field of Dreams Pictures

"Out beyond our ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing, there is a field. I'll meet you there." - Rumi

Field of Dreams is an open run located in the space between Marmot, Velvet Hammer, and Tickler It's all wide open tundra, so the exact boundary lines between these runs are a little difficult to determine.

On a bluebird powder day, Field of Dreams is amazing. However, it's far, far above treeline, and it's not always the best place to ski in a blizzard or very flat light. It is an enormous expanse of white snow and vertigo can set in quickly in bad light.

Field of Dreams is only accessible by uphill hiking. To reach the Field of Dreams ski run, go to the skier's right (north) at the top of Lift Nine and continue on the high catwalk traverse, staying to the skier's left (west and north). Shortly after the catwalk crosses Rookie Road, you'll need to start walking. According to Google EarthTM, it's roughly 6/10th of a mile to the start of Field of Dreams, with slightly more than 300 foot elevation gain from the Rookie Road saddle, which is about 12,500 feet. The top of the Field of Dreams is about 12,800 feet - possibly a little higher depending on your exact departure point for the powder. A fit skier once claimed that he could do the climb in seven minutes, but that would be impressive. Twenty minutes of uphill hiking from Rookie Road saddle to Field of Dreams is probably more accurate for mortals. It's about one mile and a 500 ft. elevation gain if you bypass Field of Dreams and Marmot and continue all the way to the end of the ski area, the 13010 run.

At the bottom of the Field of Dreams, you can turn to the right (west), and the Tickler Ski Run. Continue to the west (skier's right) on Tickler, and you'll find yourself in the Chairlift 4 basin, after descending West Tickler. If you take the eastern option of Tickler, you'll be in the Chairlift 8 basin, crossing the Zippity Split Catwalk.

Snow quality on Field of Dreams is somewhat variable, as good be expected from a run starting near 13,000 feet. However, it's somewhat protected by the Velvet Hammer/Tickler Ridge to the west, and that can reduce wind crusting and encourage depth.

The boundary between Field of Dreams and Velvet Hammer to the West and Marmot to the Northeast is somewhat subtle, due to the lack of trees, or, during a good snow year, any protruding rocks or other terrain features. Both Velvet Hammer and Marmot are steep. If you are on a moderate slope, that's Field of Dreams.