Lift 2 from Jelly Roll:
Looking down at the top of Chairlift 2 from Jelly Roll. Soft Sastrugi snow texture is typical at this altitude and exposure.
Firebowl from Jelly Roll:
Looking down at Firebowl and the lower portions of Lift 9 from Jelly Roll.  Our Bowl is skier's left of Jelly Bowl and a great choice on a powder day.
Down Towards Lift 2 from Jelly Roll:
View from Jelly Roll Ski Run looking at Chairlift Two
Down Towards Lift 9 from Jelly Roll:
Jelly Roll Ski Trail looking at the bottom of Lift 9
Grays and Torrey's from Jelly Roll:
Jelly Roll with Gray's and Torrey's in the upper right corner.  You can see most of Loveland Basin from the top of Jelly Roll.

The Jelly Roll Ski Run at Loveland Basin is located on the south side of the Ridge, just before Super Bowl and just after Castle Rock. There is a very short uphill section (maybe only 10 feet of vertical gain if you maintain good speed on the southbound catwalk along The Ridge) to reach Jelly Roll. It's just south of the first gate on The Ridge heading south.

Jelly Roll is wide open and moderately-sloped, so you can go fast. However, the snow quality can be variable due to wind exposure (Sastrugi, Softstrugi, Wind Crust, Wind Packed, Powder, Packed Powder, etc.), so the speed and ease of the skiing depends on the day and conditions.