Switchback Ski Run
Switchback Ski Trail
Switchback at the Loveland Ski Area
Switchback Ski Trail
>Looking Down Switchback
Switchback Ski Trail at Loveland Valley Ski Area
>Chairlift 3 and Switchback
Switchback Ski Trail at Loveland Valley Ski Area
>Switchback from the Lift
Switchback Ski Trail at Loveland Valley Ski Area
>Switchback's Mini Powder Stash
Switchback Ski Trail at Loveland Valley Ski Area

Switchback is a intermediate ski run at the Loveland Valley Ski Area, directly beneath Chairlift 3. It's occasionally used for ski racing. Switchback is a good cruiser; beginners can take it slow, or you can build some speed.

The upper portion of Switchback is the eastern edge of Loveland Valley; lower down the mountain, Boomerang holds that distinction. The upper area of Switchback is just to the east of Twist

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Karl Kelman enjoys skiing, particularly at Loveland Basin. Karl works as the Marketing Director of Sastrugi Marketing, and uses this personal website as a test platform for web development experiments in HTML5/CSS3 Responsive Design Template and Structured Data.

The focus of this personal site is heavily weighted towards outdoor activities, and karl's business website, Sastrugi Marketing, is more focused on Internet Marketing and Web Development.

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Skiers! Disappointed the season is over? Why not let your eyes drift back to May 2014, when there was plenty of snow and great skiing? Hopefully, Summer will have great skiing also!

For Photos and Snarky Commentary on The Long's Peak Expedition click here! Veni Vidi Vici!

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Jimmy Page Addresses "Stairway to Heaven" Lawsuit: "This is Ridiculous" - Radio.com

It is ridiculous! Karl Kelman coauthored Stairway to Heaven with Robert Fripp in 1969. Bob came by the house, I remember it well, he got in a big argument with my dad about a croquet game we were all playing and then we figured out the tune and the lyrics on a xylophone my brother got for Christmas. End of Story.


Skiing - with Geoff Anderson at Arapahoe Basin Ski Area.