Rappeling into a Ski Run at Silverton:

The Hiker and Karl Rappel in a Run at Silverton

Silverton - "Coming In Hot"

Karl's perch on the side of the ravine didn't prove to be safe from a member of our party with faulty brakes, who yelled 'Comin' In Hot' shortly before colliding with Karl

Silverton Mountain Ski Area

Silverton Ski Area

Silverton Vista

View from Silverton Ski Area

Silverton Views:

Silverton Vista

Silverton Mountain Uphill Hiking

Skiers Hike Uphill

Silverton Mountain ski trip 2007 - Karl, The Hiker, Bark Boy, Master Of The Universe (MOTU), and the Nicknameless One. Silverton's a great mountain that's different from every other ski area in Colorado. Silverton has one lift, and a whole bunch of uphill hiking.

Silverton's offers a remote location, lack of base lodge glitz (it's a big yurt!), and challenging terrain mean wide open, uncrowded skiing.

Heli Skiing is also available at Silverton.

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