To Boldly Go Where No Skier Has Gone Before:
The MOTU Jumping Method: Cast Aside Your Preconceptions About Ski Jumping. Now Cast Your Arms And Legs About. Cast Yourself Off Any Terrain Feature! Plaster Body Cast Not Included.
Yeah, Though We Ski Into The Valley Of The Shadow, We Are MOTU, No Problem.
Lesser Men Would Fear Death.  Bold Men Would Welcome It.  MOTU Does Neither.  He Is Outside Of Samsara, Our Circle Of Birth And Death.  His Skiing Is The Consciousness From Which Material Reality Arises.
To-Hell-U-Ride Skiing:
One Small Leap For MOTU; One Night's Repair Work For The Guys At The Ski Rental Shop.
The Master Of The Universe (MOTU) at Telluride:
MOTU Steeps
MOTU Mogul Skiing at Telluride:
MOTU on a mogul run
MOTU On Edge At Telluride:
MOTU sets an edge at Telluride

Many skiers and snowboarders wonder if the form is adequate for the challenging runs at Telluride. This is a question that MOTU has never asked. For The Master, skiing form is the consideration of those who believe that mountains are conquered with muscles and edges, not will. It is skiable because MOTU knows he can ski it. The rest is details.

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